First in Elsevier now in the FD! Read about how Livewords represent its translators while robots and capital stir up the translation market. “Quality is 6 times more important than who is the cheapest.” Alexandra Hubar, CEO of Livewords,

Robots and capital stir up the translation market

More and more companies and investment funds are entering the translation market, and they are finding that it is not only huge but also that translators work just as much with a dictionary as they do with a self learning robot.

In the morning, a conversation about an asylum seeker at the municipality, then a wedding ceremony, and in the afternoon the doctor of a Syrian woman who must give birth. The nearly 40,000 interviews the interpreters of Livewords from Amstelveen handle each year range from boring translation work to assistance in outright emergencies.

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Author: Richard Smit

Photo: Bloomberg/David Paul Morris