Livewords provides interpreting service at virtual court hearing 

Amstelveen, 25 May 2020

Covid-19 is having a major impact on society and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. The Dutch courts are among the institutions affected and court hearings are now regularly being held online. When a case involves international parties, the assistance of specialised court interpreters is often called for. Previously, these services were provided by installing an interpreting booth or using what is known as a ‘tour guide set’ or ‘whispering set’. Livewords is now able to also offer these services entirely online. Livewords recently facilitated a court hearing in a patent case with live remote interpreters.  U.S. clients could listen in on a hearing via Skype for Business in real time and provide direct input via their lawyers.

Wouter Pors, attorney at law and partner at Bird & Bird: ” The Livewords interpreting platform was a great success. Our clients indicated when evaluating the hearing that everything was completely clear. In future virtual cases, we will certainly use this remote interpreting service again.”

The interpreters work over a separate channel and “patch in” to the court hearing’s video call service (such as Skype, Teams or Zoom). The client can follow the hearing via the video call service or can use an app where it is possible to select either the interpreter feed or the original audio. Additional advantage: you don’t hear a whispering interpreter in the background as sometimes occurs in the physical setting.

Our trusted group of civil court interpreters is fully available for remote services so that you can continue to serve your clients as before. It is expected that the current situation related to COVID-19 will continue for some time and therefore that more court cases and meetings will take place online. Livewords is ready for this new reality.

Our service:

  • Expert interpreters
  • Technical support before and during court hearings and other meetings
  • Translation of documents for the hearing (briefs, case documents, presentations, etc.).


 Benefits of using Livewords:  

High quality service  Tailored advice and service   Preparation 
  • ISO certified
  • Professional interpreters
  • Reliable, flexible, involved
  • Specialized in your field
  • Cooperation with renowned partners
  • Quality assurance
  • Rapid quote
  • Support throughout the lifecycle of your project
  • Custom solutions
  • In-depth examination of the documents you make available
  • Thorough research by the interpreters
  • Secrecy


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