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Language is alive and dynamic. It reveals the secrets of a culture and transcends borders. Speaking the same language promotes greater understanding. You can take the next steps together and a whole new world will open up for you. That’s why Livewords is about more than just translating and interpreting: we connect cultures.


  • Is the largest translation and interpreting agency in the Netherlands
  • Offers the widest variety of specialisations in translation and interpreting services
  • Combines expertise with innovative tools
  • Has the largest network of translators and interpreters
  • Offers personal translation management

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Our language services


We provide tailored interpreting services, just the way you want them. We understand that speaking each other’s language forms the basis for a pleasant and efficient collaboration.


It’s important your message resonates in any language. That’s why Livewords works exclusively with native speaker translators.

Translation management

You don’t need to deal with the project management aspects of a translation as a personal client manager is assigned to you from the very start.

Livewords Go

Some things just can’t be anticipated. A translation issue has come up and it can’t wait. With Livewords Go, the app for translating and interpreting on the go, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Livewords Xpress

Choose Xpress for a quick and professional service that ensures your translation is ready within 24 hours. Have your documents translated in eleven different language combinations in just a few simple steps.

Livewords Flow

This application enables your website to be translated live in the cloud. This not only saves you a tremendous amount of time, but reduces your translation costs by 30% as well!

Livewords advice tool

This translation service fits your needs

Every translation is different. A technical translation with complicated jargon requires a different approach than a translation for a clothing webshop. Our advice tool helps you uncover which translation service best fits your needs in just 3 simple steps.

1 What is important to you?

Does your translation require an eye for detail? Or is speed just as important to you? You can indicate your preference in the adjacent menu.


Subject specialist

Personal attention

2 Your document

We’d like to know the type of document you want translated, which specialism pertains to your translation and how many words your document contains.

Type of document

Type of translation

Number of words

Enter the number of words or provide an estimate

3 And the last question...

To determine which service is best for you, we also want to know how often your content changes. For example, do you have a webshop? If so, new products will be regularly added. However, this does not matter at all when translating a financial report.

Content changes

Our advice::

We recommend that you use Livewords Xpress

Livewords Xpress is the ideal tool when you need your translation in a hurry.
Within 24 hours, native speaker translators will translate your documents, so that you can continue your work without any worries.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

We recommend that you use Livewords Xpress

Livewords Flow is the ideal tool for translating large amounts and for content that frequently changes. Livewords Flow is a translation platform where native speaker translators in your private cloud translate your content. So, no more hassle with uploading files or dealing with project management costs. You’re guaranteed to save 30% on your translation costs.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

We recommend that you use Livewords Xpress

Your translation requires personal attention and the ever sharp eye of an expert. At Livewords, we work with native speaker translators who also specialise in your industry. This ensures not only that your translation contains the correct tone of voice, but also that it conveys the same message and is translated according to current industry jargon.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


  • Have your document translated within 24 hours
  • By native speakers
  • For €0.14 per word, excluding VAT
  • In at least 14 language combinations
  • With excellent quality; we are NEN-EN 15038 certified
Start the translation process


  • Save time and hassle by using the Livewords translation platform
  • Reduce your translation costs by 30%
  • Always an attractive price due to the translation memory
  • Livewords Flow enables content to be saved on your server
  • Consistently translated in the cloud and always up to date
See Livewords Flow


  • You will receive a customised quote within 30 minutes
  • Specialising in the Legal, Finance, Life Sciences, Technical, Public Services, e-Commerce and Retail sectors
  • Available in all language combinations
  • With excellent quality; we are NEN-EN 15038 certified
  • Personal translation management on site
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Hind Hamam, In-house Interpreter at Livewords
'As an interpreter, your work can really help people. Imagine not being able to communicate an important message, only because of a language barrier. For those people, I open a communication channel, giving them the possibility to tell their story. Being a good interpreter is a big responsibility. Sometimes you get difficult cases in which people feel quite vulnerable. That's why I always do my best to make sure both parties are as comfortable as possible. And even though I don't know the people involved personally, I feel good every time I'm able to bridge the gap between two cultures.'
Maarten Dinkla, B2B Operations Manager at Livewords
'Livewords is always open to new ideas. You can even take these into the executive offices yourself. And then they're actually taken into account. That's one of the main reasons why I wanted to come work here. This organisation wants to move ahead, thinks ahead, and is actually forging ahead. We're always looking for ways to advance collectively. In my work as B2B Operations Manager, taking those steps forward together is extremely important. After all, there's always a solution. You just have to jointly consider how you can change things.'
Nader Karout, Client Manager at Livewords
'The best thing about Livewords is our tagline "connecting cultures". Especially since we're not just doing this in our daily work, but here on the work floor as well. We work with so many different languages, nationalities and cultures, and together we still get the job done. We are a real team and I think that's unique. Here at Livewords, you meet colleagues from different backgrounds at lunch every day.'
Ingrid Beukema, Freelance Translator at Livewords
“My entire life, I have always loved languages. So, when I needed to decide what to do after a career in international business, it was easy: translate! The best part about my job as a translator is the creative process. Translating a text involves so much more than just replacing A with B. The content must be correct, but it must also be compelling and easy to read. That's why it's important to ask the client exactly what they want, what the purpose of the text is and whether certain terminology should be used. At Livewords, I do this in close collaboration with the Client Managers. Even as a freelancer, there is room for your ambition at Livewords and a genuine effort is made to create a sustainable partnership. I think that's pretty unique!”

Livewords translates for:


Source language? Translation memory? CTMS-whatchamacallit? You wouldn’t be the first person to wonder what these terms mean. Please find the most frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers below. If your question is not listed among the FAQ, feel free to contact us by calling +31 (0)20-820 2890. We’re here to help.

What does source language and target language mean?

The word ‘source’ already answers the question. The source language is the language in which the original document was written. The target language is the language you want the document to be translated to. For example, if a text needs to be translated from Dutch to English, then the source language is Dutch and the target language is English.

What type of file formats do you support?

This is perhaps the easiest question to answer: we translate all types of file formats! The most common are: Word (.docx), PDF (.pdf), Excel (.xlsx), and PowerPoint (.pptx). If you have a different file format this won’t be an issue, just let your client manager know ahead of time.

How many words can you translate in a day?

Our translators are fast. We work exclusively with the best native speaker translators who have extensive experience in your sector. Our translation capacity depends on the type of text you wish to have translated. For example, a promotional text for a website will take more time than a technical manual. However, on average, a translator translates between 1,500 and 2,000 words a day. We can produce an even higher volume if we use specialised translation software. We’re able to translate large amounts of content as we’re always able to come up with the perfect solution, no matter what the problem

Can you translate text in images?

Yes, we can! We translate all text in images, and are also able to translate your brochures and posters. Our in-house design department will ask you to send them the source file (for example, an InDesign or IDML file), so that the layout of your brochure remains the same. Don’t worry if you don’t have the source file, just send us the image and we’ll translate the text from the image. You can then format the translated document yourself. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if file formats such as IDML are a mystery to you. Our design department is happy to help.

Do you have procedures in place to ensure the confidentiality of my documents?

Yes, we take the confidentiality of your documents very seriously! All Livewords employees are required to observe strict confidentiality with respect to documents of any nature. Just like a doctor takes an oath to secrecy, our employees, both in-house and freelance, are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Livewords uses the most advanced software to ensure your documents are secure. We work with encrypted hardware and do not allow unauthorised persons to enter our office building. Moreover, we give you the option of having your documents translated in your cloud, so that you always have control over your own files. And if you’d like your translated documents to be destroyed as soon as they have been delivered, this can be arranged as well. Livewords guarantees your documents are in good hands.

What if I have an urgent translation?

We understand better than anyone that sometimes things can’t wait. We’re here to help and ensure your document is translated as quickly as possible. Our Xpress tool is specifically designed for extremely urgent translations and ensures documents of up to 1,500 words are translated within 24 hours. Don’t worry if your document contains more than 1,500 words, we’ll always find a solution. For instance, by having multiple translators work on your document simultaneously.

Can you translate my website?

Definitely! We have a special tool just for that: Livewords Flow. This application makes it possible to translate your website live in the cloud.

Livewords Flow links directly to your website. No more uploading hassles or extra fees for project management. This not only saves you a tremendous amount of time, but reduces your translation costs by 30% as well!

Linking Livewords Flow to your own website is easy as pie. You install a plugin and an API key, and you’re ready to go! If you aren’t familiar with these terms, no need to panic. One of our software engineers will be happy to help you further.

What is a sworn translation?

A sworn translation guarantees the translated document has been certified to be equivalent to the original source document. This is sometimes necessary for official documents or documents of a legal nature, such as deeds, degrees, exhibits or patents. Not all translators are qualified to provide sworn translations; only sworn translators, who have stood before a court of law and taken an oath to produce true and faithful translations of the original documents, can do so. At Livewords, we have several sworn translators working for us. As you can see sworn translations are a serious business. This is why they need to satisfy several criteria:

  • The text must be translated faithfully. There is no room for interpretation.
  • The translation must always be delivered in hard copy format. In other words, you need to be able to hold the finished translation in your hands. This is why a digital document can never be used for a sworn translation.
  • The source document, the target document and the sworn translator’s statement must be inextricably attached to one other.
  • The translator certifies a sworn translation by providing a signed and stamped statement that verifies the translation is a true and faithful translation of the source document.
What is a translation memory?

A translation memory is a database that translators use to speed up the translation process. It contains recurring terms and phrases and their corresponding translations. We always build a translation memory for our customers. This enables us to see if there is any overlap or repetition in large documents or between an updated document and the original. Recurring phrases or similar phrases are expressed as a percentage to determine how much editing work will be required for that particular phrase. A 100% match usually requires no further action, while a lower percentage requires the translator to edit the phrase. This is why a translation memory saves time and money. How? It’s simple: we charge a lower word rate for recurring terms and phrases, and in some cases don’t charge at all for 100% matches. Obviously, some jobs are better suited to working with a translation memory than others. For example, translation memories have proven to be extremely advantageous when translating webshops and technical manuals. This is less true for marketing texts, which need to be appealing and inspiring.

What is CTMS?

CTMS is quite technical, but very useful. It is an online platform with an integrated translation tool. We can configure this platform to meet your translation needs. CTMS has the additional advantage that the translation price is instantly displayed, provided the agreed upon prices have been linked to CTMS. As soon as a new file is uploaded, CTMS automatically counts the number of words. It then attaches the correct translation memory to your file. Words and sentences that have been previously translated are automatically entered into the target language. This guarantees consistency, in terms of terminology. All these factors determine the price. CTMS can be set up in one of two ways: you can either opt for a situation in which each translation project requires the price to be approved first. Or you can have the translators get started on your project straight away without this needing to be done. CTMS also enables you to upload terminology lists and other reference materials for each job. This ensures the translation always meets your requirements.

Any questions regarding your translation?