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You need a translation but have very specific requirements. This isn’t an issue at Livewords. Our years of experience ensure we know all the ins and outs of the translation world. This means we’ll always find a suitable solution, no matter how large, complex or small your translation request is!

Translation requires a tailored approach

Translating is not simply converting a document from one language to another. A translation should convey the same message, feeling and tone of voice as the original text. Livewords only works with native speaker translators to ensure your message resonates in any language.


Watch the Livewords translation process

Your document:

  • Is translated correctly and in the right context
  • Is translated by native speakers
  • Is of excellent quality; we are NEN-EN 15038 certified
  • Is accurate and consistent through the use of a translation memory
  • Is translated in an extra secure environment to ensure your sensitive information remains safe
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The translation process

Step 1: The request

Our client managers will ask a lot of questions to make sure they can support you in the best possible manner. What type of expertise is needed to translate this document? Do you have a glossary? All these factors help determine the price. We’ll send you a quote that includes an itemised breakdown of the price.

Step 2: Your personal translator

Once you have accepted our quote, we’ll select a translator that best meets the requirements of your translation project in terms of background, expertise, and style. Your document is then translated in accordance with the quality standards of the NEN-EN 15038 certification.

Step 3: Check and double-check

The translator performs a quality assurance check upon completing the translation. The client manager then double-checks the translation for such things as lay-out as well as ensuring the translation meets your original specifications. After all, translation is a human endeavour and this process helps ensure unnecessary mistakes are avoided.

Step 4: Delivery

This is the most exciting step in the process: as at this stage we’re confident the translation has been thoroughly checked by more than one set of qualified eyes. Your translation is now ready to be sent to you. Should you not be completely satisfied with the translation, please let us know. We’ll solve the issue immediately as we’re not satisfied until you are.

Some of our customers include:

Our innovative translation tools

Livewords Xpress

Have your document translated within 24 hours

Is your translation a matter of urgency? Don’t panic! Choose Xpress for a quick and professional service that ensures your translation is ready within 24 hours. Have your documents translated in eleven different language combinations in just a few simple steps.

Livewords Flow

Make sure your website is translated quickly and accurately

Some things can’t be anticipated, like when a translation issue comes up and it can’t wait. Luckily, Livewords Go, the app for translating and interpreting on the go, can come to the rescue and ensure you don’t have to worry about a thing.