Get ready to raise your glasses! Because once that business deal goes through, we need to celebrate. There’s only one problem: the last meeting is in a foreign language…now what?

You’re organising a meeting, through the municipality, for refugees with a temporary residence permit and you want the meeting to be held in their own language. Unfortunately, you don’t speak Arabic.

There’s a lot changing in your field at the moment. You’d like to share this information at a symposium with your international colleagues. How can you make sure everyone understands the speakers?

We’ll find the perfect interpreter for you

We select interpreters of the highest quality and assign them those jobs that best suit them. As a result, you’ll be teamed up with the perfect interpreter in terms of style, background, and expertise; our interpreters are in their element in these kinds of situations, doing the work they love. We don’t stop until we have reached our goal of creating another match made in heaven!

Watch the Livewords Interpreting process

The interpreting process:

Step 1: The request

Your organisation has done a lot of research lately and you’d like to share this new information with colleagues from all over the world. This is why you’ve organised a conference and invited all your international contacts. However, you’ll need interpreters to ensure everyone’s able to follow the entire programme. So you request a quote for interpreting services.


Step 2: A customised quote

You’ll discuss the conference programme with your client manager and focus on such details as: the date and duration of the conference, the language combinations requiring interpreting, the reference material to be used, and the specific equipment that will be required such as a whispering set or an interpreting booth. We’ll then send you a customised quote based on this specific information.


Step 3: Interpreters that satisfy your requirements

Once you have accepted our quote, we’ll select an interpreter that best meets the requirements of your job in terms of background, expertise, and style. We also try to select interpreters that live in the vicinity of the conference venue in order to avoid unnecessary travel expenses. The selected interpreter then interprets at your conference.


Step 4: Evaluation

Interpreting is a human endeavour; and though most of our clients are very pleased with our interpreting services, things can go differently than expected. That’s why we always have a brief evaluation after the event to find out what went well, and whether there’s anything that we could improve on. Please don’t hesitate to let us know how we could improve the interpreting process as this will only enable us to offer an even better service the next time!


Do you need consecutive or simultaneous interpreting?

Simultaneous interpreting

The simultaneous interpreter listens to what is being said in one language and then translates the speaker’s words into a foreign language while the speaker is still speaking. For instance, this type of interpreting may be used at conferences so that international guests can understand what is being said in real-time. This method of interpreting is very intensive, meaning a simultaneous interpreter can only interpret in blocks of forty-five minutes. This is why simultaneous interpreters always work in pairs and alternate when needed.

Consecutive interpreting

A consecutive interpreter waits for the speaker to finish speaking before translating the speaker’s words into a foreign language This type of interpreting may be used in the healthcare sector, during a guided tour or at a parent-teacher meeting at school.

Livewords Go gets you an interpreter on the phone in just four simple clicks

The app for interpreting on the go. Sometimes situations arise in which you have no time to lose. For instance, you could be stuck on the side of the road in Argentina with car trouble. The only person who can help is the local happening to drive past you at that very moment. And as a doctor, how do you help the Syrian woman whose water just broke three minutes ago? The Livewords Go app gets an interpreter on the phone who can help you further in just a few simple clicks. This app ensures language never has to form an obstacle ever again.

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