Language connects

Language connects cultures. Businesses are expanding and crossing borders. Content is being distributed at breakneck speed, and translation solutions are an essential part of this. That’s why we’re ready to respond to all your requests, however small or big they may be.

Translation is about more than literally converting one language into another. Each field of expertise has its own language and specific terminology. Livewords only works with the very best native speakers, all of whom have extensive experience in their own specialist subject fields.

Faster and better all the time. We support our translators with advanced state-of-the-art technologies such as adaptive translation memories and neural machine translation (NMT), to allow them to do their work ever faster and better. The combination of technology and personal attention will ensure that the final translation gets the essence of your message across in any language.

The translation process:

1. The request

You need a translation. You’ll begin by discussing your requirements with our client managers. You’ll then be sent a quote based on what you have specified.

2. Your personal translator

Once you have accepted our quote, we’ll select a translator who best meets the requirements of your translation project in terms of background, expertise and style.

3. Double-check

To guarantee the best possible translation, the translator will carefully check the document through. Your client manager will also perform a quality check to make sure it meets your specifications.

4. Delivery

The translation is now ready and is returned to you. Your client manager will ask you to evaluate it, since we’re only fully satisfied when you are.

Our innovative tools:


Is your online content up-to-date in all languages? Flow supplies a constant stream of translations, produced by the best native speakers supported by NMT technology.

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Want to be understood wherever you go? Livewords GO is the app that will allow you to hold a clear discussion through an interpreter in no time.

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