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We translate all kinds of documents for a wide range of public services organisations like the Dutch Ministry of Justice, the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA) and many others. We have provided top-quality services for over twenty years now. Do you want to know more about how we can best help you with your translation needs? Request your quote here.


Livewords Public Services stands for:

  • Expertise: our translations are spot on in terms of linguistics and terminology
  • Speed and efficiency: our specialised approach and extensive experience in managing public services translation projects means we're able to achieve rapid turnaround times
  • Quality: our translation agency is NEN-EN 15038 certified
  • Full-service: our service doesn't stop at just providing translations from and into all languages; we also provide interpreting services and process support

Examples of what we translate for the government:


Asylum seekers and residence permit holders face enormous challenges as they’re far from home and have to deal with a foreign language and unfamiliar laws. That’s why its so important that the municipality communicates clearly with them, whether in Dutch or a foreign language. This gives people a boost and makes it easier for them to navigate their new community. Livewords is committed to communicating with everyone in their native tongue. That really means all languages under the sun. Even languages such as Tigrinya or Farsi don’t faze our translation specialists. This is why Livewords has been able to deliver high-quality translation and interpreting services to the COA and the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice for years. Do you find it just as important as we do to be able to speak to people in their native tongue? We’re happy to help you!


All organisations prefer to avoid high costs. But for charities, cost-efficiency is even more important as the money spent on business operations must be deducted from the amount going to the good cause, which is a shame. Fortunately, Livewords has innovative, in-house technology specifically for the charity sector, which reduces translation costs by 30%. We work with Livewords Flow, a translation platform that enables native speakers to work on your translations in real-time. This platform is also useful because it gives your volunteer translators the opportunity to collaborate with our native speaker translators. This way, the translation costs are reduced whilst the quality of the texts is safeguarded.


The translation and interpreting agency for all of your specialist translation needs

In addition to accurately and meticulously translating your documents and websites, we’re also able to support your professional interpreting needs. Perhaps you have scheduled a meeting for new resident permit holders and need interpreters to facilitate the discussions. We’ll select interpreters with just the right background, style and expertise to meet your needs. Now you know for sure these new families will be able to follow the integration process in the Netherlands.

Do you want to know more about how interpreting and translation services work? Read all about these services on our interpreting services page or translation services page.