A manual must be accurate.

And readable. At Livewords, we understand these kinds of documents need to be translated quickly. Indeed, it’s only natural that once you’ve made the decision to launch your product internationally, you don’t want any delays because a translation isn’t ready yet. That’s why we collaborate with translators who work quickly and are able to translate technical jargon perfectly into your chosen language or languages. It goes without saying that all Livewords translations satisfy the existing EU standards. Livewords also creates terminology lists from the get-go, ensuring all of your texts will be translated consistently and quickly in the future. If you have previously had problems with partially translated manuals, rest assured: those kinds of issues are a thing of the past.


Livewords Technical stands for:

  • Expertise: our translators and project managers have a technical background
  • Speed and efficiency: our specialised approach and extensive experience in managing technical translation projects means we're able to achieve rapid turnaround times
  • Quality: our translation agency is NEN-EN 15038 certified
  • Full-service: our service doesn't stop at just providing translations from and into all languages; we also provide interpreting services and process support

The translation and interpreting agency for all of your specialist translation needs

In addition to quickly and carefully translating large amounts of content, we’re also able to support your professional interpreting needs. What if you’re ready to install a new machine abroad, but are unable to speak that country’s language? Our interpreting services provide the perfect solution. We’ll select an interpreter with just the right background, style and expertise to meet your needs. Now you can happily get on the plane with peace of mind. Do you want to know more about how interpreting and translation services work? Read all about these services on our¬†interpreting services page or¬†translation services page.

Livewords translates for: