Retail translations for true entrepreneurs

We define true entrepreneurs as those people who fully commit to their dream, who see an opportunity in every problem and who view the world as their playground. Your organisation seizes every possible opportunity, whether it concerns retail, fashion or tourism. And these opportunities are largely found beyond our borders. At Livewords, we’re eager to collaborate with you to bring your company to even greater heights. Are you in?


Livewords Retail & E-Commerce stands for:

  • Expertise: our industry specialists ensure your content is translated consistently, in the right context and with passion
  • Up-to-date: our innovative translation solutions ensure your webshop is always up-to-date
  • Quality: our translation agency is NEN-EN 15038 certified
  • Full-service: our service doesn't stop at just providing translations from and into all languages; we also provide interpreting services and process support

Retail translations for every sector


Your brand has endless opportunities thanks to the internet. This means clients from all over the world can purchase products in your webshop with just one click of the button. This is why it’s essential that your message is consistent in all of your product descriptions in every language. This is where Livewords Flow comes in: a translation platform that enables native speakers to translate your webshop content in real-time. This saves you time and reduces your translation costs by 30%. The bottom line? A translation process that integrates seamlessly with your international expansion needs.


Your brand has its own signature. And you’re proud of that because it’s how you distinguish yourself from the crowd in the fashion world. But you want your brand to be equally strong in other languages as well. That’s why it’s imperative that the translators are not just native speakers, but that they know the fashion industry inside and out and have substantial knowledge of the country they’re translating for. At Livewords, we always work with translators who are native speakers and specialised in the fashion industry. So, your texts are translated by real fashion connoisseurs. This allows you to maintain your identity while ensuring your brand is an international success!


An idyllic chalk-white church gleaming against emerald, rolling hills. That’s sure to grab everyone’s attention and make your readers want to know more! The text describing this picturesque spot largely determines whether a booking is made or not. Does the tone of voice appeal to your target group? We always provide sample translations from three different translators to ensure we have a translation that meets all of your requirements. This approach allows you to select the translator most suited to your needs and guarantees all your future translations have the same tone of voice. Now you know this trip will be booked for sure!

Livewords translates for: