Medical translators with the necessary expertise


All of our translators have a medical background, so you won’t have to spend time explaining the subject matter to them. In addition, our medical specialists are up-to-date on what’s happening in your field of expertise. You can rest assured that your medical documents will be translated accurately and in accordance with the most recent regulations. If you need a high-calibre translation, go for Livewords.


Livewords Medical stands for:

  • Expertise: our translators and project managers have a medical background
  • Speed and efficiency: our specialised approach and extensive experience in managing medical translation projects means we're able to achieve rapid turnaround times
  • Quality: our translation agency is NEN-EN 15038 certified
  • Full-service: our service doesn't stop at just providing translations from and into all languages; we also provide interpreting services and process support

The translation and interpreting agency for all of your specialist translation needs

In addition to accurately and carefully translating your medical documents, we’re also able to support your professional interpreting needs. Perhaps you’re planning to present your research results abroad or perhaps you want to share the latest ins and outs of your field at a conference with your international colleagues. Our interpreting services provide the perfect solution. We’ll select an interpreter with just the right background, style and expertise to meet your needs. Now all of your international guests will be able to enjoy listening to the interesting information you wanted to share. Do you want to know more about how interpreting and translation services work? Read all about these services on our interpreting services page or translation services page.