The translation agency for the financial sector

Our roots lie in the financial world, and the same goes for our freelance translators. We offer translation and editing services of the highest quality, whether the document you need translated or edited is an annual report, a tax opinion, a loan agreement, a risk management report, an employment contract or a press release.

Livewords Financial stands for:

  • Expertise: our translations are spot on in terms of linguistics and terminology
  • Reliability: we always keep our promises
  • Partnership: we offer added value thanks to our experience in the professional services sector
  • Quality: you can count on us to provide outstanding translations

Knowledge is everything

A high-quality translation helps boost the image of your organisation. Only when a document has been translated with the right combination of linguistic and professional knowledge will a foreign target audience understand what you’re trying to convey. We make sure they do! Communicate effectively and put your customers first by having your translations performed by our specialists. For more information about the translation or interpreting process, please visit the interpreting services page or translation services page.