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Livewords is your expert translation partner. We join forces with a dedicated team of professional translators, who are native speakers of the target language, live in the country of your target audience and specialise in Partos’ areas of expertise. Whether you need translations for marketing, legal, financial or HR, Livewords is your partner for high-quality translations, tailored to your needs.

Our Client Managers assess each translation request and select the right translators for the job, based on the area of expertise, the required languages and the level of expertise required for the text. Upon completion, each translation we provide for you is saved in the Partos translation memory, making complex version management and inconsistent translations a thing of the past. By centralising the translation process, Partos opts for consistency, high quality, efficiency and thorough quality assessment.

Do you have a text that needs translation? You can now easily request a quotation via our Client Portal, which has been customised for Partos. Log in using your Livewords account details and request a translation now.

If you do not yet have an account for the Client Portal, or do you have questions about your account? Please send us an email at Our Client Managers are always happy to help.

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Please download the user guide for the Client Portal below.

Partos Translation Team

Alma Visser

Project Manager

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Peilin Fu

Desk Manager

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Nicole Kool

Business Development Manager

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Who can I contact if I have questions?

You can contact us at:

+31 (0)88-625 2185

I don’t have a translation project, but I do have an interpreting project. Can I import that too?

Absolutely! Our Client Portal also allows you to import interpreting projects.