We are Livewords

Speaking the same language promotes greater understanding. It opens up new cultures, opportunities and options. With the right mix of personal attention and state-of-the-art technology, we’ll make sure you connect with your target audience. We tackle each project with enthusiasm and deliver it with due care and attention, making Livewords your ideal partner. No matter how large, complex or small your request is, it’s our mission to find the right solution for every translation requirement.

Livewords is about more than just translating and interpreting:

We connect cultures

Language builds bridges between cultures and ideas, and opens up new opportunities. We’re a group of enthusiasts who will build those bridges for you with love and care. Our passionate team members offer translations that retain the essence of the original text. Our committed team has made us the largest translation and interpreting company in the Benelux, and that’s something we’re proud to say in any language.

We connect people

True success is a team effort. That’s why we’re ready to respond to any request, however large or small it may be. Our translators and interpreters are on stand-by 24/7 (also on weekends) to give you the solution you need. Our client managers ensure that our clients never have to worry about the project management aspects of their translations. Our straightforward, secure process and the personal attention we give will help you achieve success.

We connect technology

Your business is expanding, content is being distributed at breakneck speed and technological innovations are unstoppable. By embracing these developments, setting translation trends and experimenting with technology, we are leading the field. And so, with our help, are you. We always offer a mix of human expertise, technology and products on our platform. By combining proven innovations with a personal touch, we always know how to communicate the essence of your message.

Livewords ...

  • … is the largest translation and interpreting company in the Benelux
  • … has the largest network of translators and interpreters
  • … combines technological innovation with human expertise
  • … always provides personal attention
  • … is ready to respond to any request − large or small.