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Press release: Livewords joins forces with the Acolad Group

The Acolad Group, the professional translation specialist, pursues its external growth strategy by expanding into the Dutch market with the acquisition of Livewords.

Value-based translations for e-commerce

Looking at current political trends in Europe and the US (e.g. Brexit, Norway’s populist Progress Party and Trump’s MAGA), you might be inclined to think that globalization is past its prime.    

Livewords translation agency strengthens its national and international position with the takeover of Metamorfose

Amstelveen, 2 October 2018 – The Livewords translation agency has taken over Utrecht-based Metamorfose. The Metamorfose translation agency boasts a stable client base among research universities and universities of applied sciences, as well as such European institutions as the Court of Justice and European Commission. This acquisition adds twenty-four translation specialists to the Livewords team.

The FD: Robots and capital stir up the translation market

First in Elsevier now in the FD! Read about how  Livewords represent its translators while robots and capital stir up the translation market. “Quality is 6 times more important than who is the cheapest.” Alexandra Hubar, CEO of Livewords, talks about the company and our interpreting and translation services.

These 5 tips will help the interpreting process run smoothly

For weeks already, you’ve had a stomach ache. You finally decide to go to the doctor. The doctor immediately asks you a lot of questions: your eating patterns? stress? However, as an asylum seeker, telling someone what’s troubling you is never easy. Let’s be honest, what does the word “maag” mean anyway?