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For law firms:

In addition to translating legal documents: 

  • Interpreting  
  • Deposition services 
  • Transcription 
  • Recording 
  • Blacklining 


Companies choose Livewords because of:

  • flexibility
  • multiple languages (all language combinations available)
  • involved and experienced in the process
  • quality, but also speed
  • experienced in legal

Case study litigation support: 

We helped a Dutch law firm help an American client pursue a multimillion case in the Dutch courts by providing translation of litigation documents, interpreting at depositions, translating the deposition reports, interpreting at court hearings, and finally, translating the court judgment. Added value for client: one-stop shop, dedicated translator team familiar with the case, greater consistency, faster response, smoother relationship with general counsel. We are now assisting them on the appeals case.

For marketeers:

In addition to translation of marketing materials: 

  • Mulitilingual SEO 
  • Automated tools for website translation (FLOW) 
  • Translation memory for consistency 
  • DTP 
  • Subtitling 
  • Voice-over interpreting 

Customer story: Bugaboo

For Bugaboo we tailored our in-house toolkit “FLOW” to the needs of Bugaboo to translate content into 24 languages. We translated not only the marketing and communication texts, but also product manuals and website texts. Our innovative tools made for an effortless experience on the part of Bugaboo.

For human resources professionals and trainers:

In addition to translation of policies or course materials: 

Adaptation of elearnings 

Also check out our free e-book on e-learning which will tell you:
1. What modern e-learning is and isn’t
2. Benefits of e-learning
3. Versatility of e-learning. Practical examples of how e-learning can drive change for different B2B user groups.
4. Summary – Modern e-learning is…
5. Checklist – What do you need to consider before ordering e-learning?

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For meeting organisers:

In addition to interpreting services 

  • Document translation 
  • Audiovisual setup 
  • Online meeting facilitation 
  • Audio transcribing 
  • Subtitling a video of the meeting 

For salespeople:

We can translate and amend your sales materials the way you desire so you can expand your business from local to international.

Think of:

  • DTP
  • Presentation production
  • Expanding reach
  • Expanding clientele
  • Exceeding your targets with little effort

For researchers:

In addition to translation of questionnaires, reports etc: 

  • Interpreting services 
  • Audio recordings/online meeting facilitation 
  • On-site linguists 
  • Cultural review 

For educators:

We have a proven track record in the academic sector, making Livewords the easy choice due to:

  • high-end quality in the academic practices
  • a service-oriented approach that centres on the type and style of the translation
  • academically experienced in-house translators


Whether it’s audio to text or text to speech, we offer transcribing in all language combinations.




Meeting Support

Video and audio conferencing for a lawsuit, congres or day to day meeting?





Need a certain word, subject or person visibly or completely removed from a text? We offer a wide range of services amending texts.




Whether it’s high standards proven by ISO certificates or deep branche knowledge for Legal, Financial, Life Sciences, Technical, Marketing or Government expertise, we have it.


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