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Legal translations

We understand the special requirements of the legal world. Speed and quality are our guiding principle.

Press release: Livewords joins forces with the Acolad Group

The Acolad Group, the professional translation specialist, pursues its external growth strategy by expanding into the Dutch market with the acquisition of Livewords.

Value-based translations for e-commerce

Looking at current political trends in Europe and the US (e.g. Brexit, Norway’s populist Progress Party and Trump’s MAGA), you might be inclined to think that globalization is past its prime.    

These 5 tips will help the interpreting process run smoothly

For weeks already, you’ve had a stomach ache. You finally decide to go to the doctor. The doctor immediately asks you a lot of questions: your eating patterns? stress? However, as an asylum seeker, telling someone what’s troubling you is never easy. Let’s be honest, what does the word “maag” mean anyway?

Translations Public Services

Things are done a bit differently in the public sector than in the corporate world. A rule or regulation is there for a reason – for government bodies, the interests of citizens are of primary importance…

Retail translations

Our translators follow the latest developments in your sector. They translate website content, labels, product specifications, brochures and more on a daily basis.

Medical translations

A medical document must be absolutely flawless, which is why our translators are well-versed in medical terminology. Your documents are in safe hands with us.

Technical Translations

Large technical documents are translated carefully and quickly using the appropriate terminology for the sector concerned.

Financial translations

We’ll make sure your financial translation is spot on, right down to the last decimal point.

Legal translations for everyone

We are geared fully to catering to the legal profession. We understand the specific requirements made by the legal world.